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Italy, Rome  – day 6. Farewell to the eternal city. Great Synagogue,Trevi Fountain and final thoughts

Started off my last day by visiting Piazza Di Popolo and then walked to the Jewish Ghetto area to see the great synagogue (this area had been closed off for three days due to  Rosh Hashanah.). The Roman Jewish population is the oldest in Europe and was never dispersed in 2000 years until the 2nd World war and the arrival of the nazis. The Jewish museum was very interesting and explained a lot about Jewish customs and holidays in an easy to understand way.The synagogue itself is impressive with a decidedly Roman feel to it. The last three popes have visited it. Just outside is Octavia’s Gate (that’s the Roman pic at the bottom!)

Great Synagogue, Octavia’s Gate, Piazza Di Popolo

I had to have one more taste of Caciofi before I left. This is a Jewish origin Roman recipe which is a deep fried artichoke (leaves and heart) which is “crispyfied” and then drizzled with olive oil. I am hooked.

I decided to get to the Trevi Fountain for sunrise – mainly to take some pics before the hordes arrived. This worked well – only about 20 people there at 6.15am! We all looked a bit bleary eyed but worth it for some more Bernini:). And yes of course I tossed a coin in the fountain – I want to go back to Rome for sure.

Trevi fountain – pre and post dawn

And this was my last evening in Rome – perfect evening sun. And gelato flavour of the day was Zabaglione.

Things that surprised me about Rome:

1. There are more than 7 hills and they are not nearly as high as I imagined they would be

2. Recycling of old artefacts started here well before it caught on elsewhere. People just took old Roman artefacts and added them to their houses and so it went on over hundreds of years

3. Because of 2 – many buildings in Rome are like lasagne (multilayered from different time periods often hundreds of years apart)

4. The yellow traffic light stays on for much longer than the green so it is ok to cross on yellow.

5. Everyone seems to drive a smart Ka

6.I now have a better understanding of “what the Romans did for us” (Monty Python reference for those not of my generation).

Final recommendation is to visit Domus Romane – no pics allowed but one of the highlights of my visit. Hard to explain – just go But you need to book for a timed ticket beforehand.

Last day in Rome

Next stop – Positano