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USA, New York – The Bronx twice (Botanical Gardens and Woodlawn Cemetery); One World Trade Centre and last few Manhattan snaps

Bit of a mix for the last post for this NYC trip. Sunny blue sky crisp days make getting out of town without having to go too far a great idea. My first stop for the first time was to visit the NY Botanical Gardens – which also happened to be housing a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit. An excellent way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny day.

I then headed for Arthur Avenue in the Bronx – the authentic Little Italy and ate real Italian food – not the touristy stuff you get in Little Italy in Manhattan.

The day after I was back in the Bronx to do the once a month free history tour of Woodlawn cemetery where numerous worthies from the commercial, entertainment and literary world are buried (including Duke Ellington and Miles Davis in an area where a lot of jazz related people are together). They do an impressive turn in mausoleums – some have curtains, are carpeted and many include Tiffany windows too. Another lovely spot to get away from it all and walk around quietly. I will definitely go back to try out some of the other tours.

Back in Manhattan I visited One World Trade Center (or the Freedom Tower for a spectacular ride to the top and pretty amazing views. They spend a lot of time telling you how safe this building is – a bit too much time….

And then I always love the light in NYC – especially when the sun its parts of buildings and provides a natural illumination. Farewell NYC – until the next time.