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Morocco – Adobe everywhere, rooftops for lazing about, scenery and gardens – just another day day in the interior of the country

After surviving the desert sand storm, the road trip continues through Ouarzazate where we saw “Moroccowood” where everything from Lawrence of Arabia to Gladiator was filmed. And now we are spending a couple of nights of “chill time” on the top of a hill at a gorgeous Riad in the Atlas Mountains in Bab Ourika. 

Souss Massa Draa and Skoura

Ouarzazate and Al Halim

Bab Ourika

Kyoto shrines (mostly in Hermes orange) and gardens

There are a lot of temples and shrines in Kyoto – have enjoyed both so far – especially the lovely “Hermes orange shr”ines ( the one with the long orange poles is Fushimi Inari) and all the gardens are so beautifully laid out so that every corner you turn you see a picture perfect and balanced scene. Especially liked Gardens at Heian Jingu. And yes I do know that their orange came before Hermes.

A variety of gardens in Kyoto

Buddhist shrines in Kyoto