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Italy, Rome – Day 2 – Colossuem, The Forum, Capitaline Museum, Keats/Shelley House

Very busy agenda today and another 9 hours of walking – so much stuff to see as a newbie to the city.

First stop the Colosseum. It has the same effect as the Opera House in Sydney – you want to photograph it from every angle to try and show the sheer scale of the place. Magnificent – and worth doing the underground tour too. The more I see of Rome the more I realise that there is as much under the ground from Roman and Medeival times as there is above.

The Colisseum and The arch of Constantine

Below the Forum (and note the menorah in the carving on the interior of the arch to Titus). This was a carving of all the things brought from the holy land to Rome. Btw, how are these structures still standing after all this time? Those Romans were marvels at building.

The Forum, Arch of Titus and the Palatine Hill

And being a museum geek I am loving the opportunities to visit many of them while here. Today I kept with the Ancient and Medieval Rome themes and visited the impressive Capotiline Museum. Note the picture entitled the Fortune Teller and Michelangelo.Actually the fortune teller is palming his ring while he stares at her oblivious – love it. The Romulus and Remus sculpture is of course about how Rome was originally started but I think the boy with the thorn in his foot is just stunning – my favourite.

Exhibits from the Capotiline Museum

Last quick stop at the end of the day was the quirky British owned Keats/Shelley House at the foot of the Spanish Steps. A lovely homage of letters and a library for the romantics among us. All very sad as both were talented but died in their early 30s. I am staying at the top of the Spanish Steps – and as you can see they are a popular place to hang out.

John Keats being creative while living at the foot of the Spanish Steps