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Australia, NT – Field of Light – Uluru

The field of Light designed by British light installation artist Bruce Munro was an amazing vision. 50,000 separate light rods covering the equivalent of 4 soccer fields and completely solar powered appeared as if placed by sprites as dusk fell and darkness took over. They were different heights and different colours and changed colours very subtly. The whole effect was quite beautiful and we were able to stroll through the fields once it was totally dark to really appreciate the effect. It was spectacular but like the equally spectacular natural show of stars in the sky it is very hard to capture the overall effect on camera. One of those things you have to remember best in your head but I had a go.

Bruce Munro’s Field of Light in Uluru

Emma and Susie fortify themselves with champagne

And after seeing a wonderful night time of lights, I woke up to yet another spectacular show of nature as the sun rose over the desert.