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USA, Miami Wynwood Walls – Art and a few Ducati bikes for good measure

I went back to this cool area about 15 minutes from Downtown Miami for a walking tour of the curated art within Wynwood Walls as well as the street art in the surrounding streets.

Much of it is replaced every year as part of the Art Basel events every December so I think you could go back every year and have a totally different experience. I do love to see places regenerated and attracting new visitors – this was a no go area not so long ago.

If you find yourself there I also thoroughly recommend lunch at Kyu. This restaurant is a spin off from two of the original Zuma chefs (if you know Hong Kong or London you may have been). Excellent bites and the best Vietnamese porkbelly bao bun I’ve ever eaten even in Vietnam!

Below is a mix of Wynwood streets and also a couple of pieces from the Margulies Collection Gallery.

And these Ducati bike were at a special exhibition at the nearby Design District. Even I think they are cool and I know nothing much about this stuff.

USA, Shopping in Miami – the Design Distict

In an 8 block location that used to house “Little Haiti” you can now find the Miami Design District. Almost complete it is a shopping experience a little akin to Rodeo Drive with many flagship designer stores in impressive surroundings.

First thing to enjoy are the windows – I was especially excited to see Louis Vuitton and Yanoi Kusama artwork in the same location. As for the orange corridor running along The Fendi store – well that took me right back to the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto last year.

As you wander around the Design District there is plenty of street art to look at too as well as the latest in cool -and easily accessible – hammocks,

Of course in such a swanky area even the car parkades need to be special and different – and as you can see they are that.

Also enjoyed a visit with a my NYC friend Lisa who now lives in Fort Lauderdale so she, Beth and I had a great catch up.