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Costa Rica

Another first visiting Costa Rica. A place I’ve always wanted to see and so far the only one of all the places I’ve visited I would like to go back to for longer – even though the first thing they told us on the bus on the way there was that Costa Rica has a one inch frog whose poison can kill 100 humans! Not sure I really needed to know that?

 I chose the “walk through the clouds” tour which took us through a beautiful tropical rainforest full of humming birds and butterflies and across 4 wobbly bridges high above the forest. Had to admit defeat trying to photograph the hummingbirds (the country has 52 varieties) – they are just too fast but got some butterflies and a feel for the colors in the forest. 

It would have been much nicer if they had not also decided to build a zip line through the forest – shattering the peace too often with yelling idiots – oh dear – it’s offical – I must be turning into a Grumpy Old Woman …