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Portugal, Lisbon – Under the Stars

As I’ve posted many times on Lisbon (you can search for prior posts on this website) I will only post about things that are new.

So today I wanted to mention a must see if you like history, music, creativity and light shows. Many locals don’t even know about this but I discovered it last year and enjoyed it so much I wanted to see it again and this time took two of my cruise buddies – Dan and Nellie – to see it.

There are two 45 minute shows each night from early May to the Fall. They last 45 minutes and are at the El Convento do Carmo in the Chiado area. It is an astonishing light show in the ruined but still spectacular (even though roofless) convent that tells the story from the point of view of

He building and what it has seen if Lisbon history since it was first built in the 1300s. I love it and a bargain at 15 Euros.

Pictures can’t do it full justice but to give you an idea here are some.

Portugal, Lisbon

And now for another continent. I am using Lisbon as a base for a month with a few side trips to catch up with friends. I am staying in the Chiado area which is the older part of town. Lots of hills, charm and red and other coloured rooftops. Luckily they have quite a few “elevadors” to enable you you to get up and down some of those hills a bit faster. The one below was built at the same time as the Eiffel Tower.

the city is full of squares and many have Carioca cafes which are tiny and sell wine, beer, snacks and lottery tickets – it is a great spot to watch the sun go down and the local Fado singer do his thing. And the statue is of an old style lottery ticket seller – if you touch the ticket you are bound to win.

In Chiado I visited the church of St Rocque which as you can see was very sumptuous. There was an excellent one hour English tour for the same price as entry. Highly recommended. These pictures just show the King’s private chapel. Commissioned in Portugal, designed and built in Italy, dismantled and shipped to Lisbon and rebuilt. Plenty of lapis lazuli, amethyst etc.d nothing is painted – everything you see is mosaics. It’s good to be king!

Decided to do something totally different and visit the renowned aquarium which is much more about conservation than most of these and there are absolutely no shows – although there were a lot of kids I had to avoid stepping on but some were unavoidable – oh well. Note to museums of ostensibly kids things -how about some times for adults only?

Here are some inhabitants who live close to the ocean. Love the penguins.

Then there was my favourite part which were the plants beneath the ocean. The second set of photos is an underwater garden designed by the Japanese wabi sabi guru Takashi Amano. Basically this is a giant garden designed to be under the water but enabling you to look upwards at the light on the surface of the water. Hard to explain but breaktking to experience. Nature remains pretty cool.