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USA, Washington DC – Presidents galore, a sprinkling of cherry blossoms, cocktails and the new museum of African American History and Culture – lots going on in DC – wear comfy shoes

The portrait Gallery was opposite our hotel – the Kimpton Monaco which was reasonably priced and easy to walk from or subway from to just about everywhere including the Regan Airport. Of course we wanted to see the new Obama portraits too – from an art perspective I preferred Obama’s.

Here are a few who came before (in very different artistic styles) (and amazingly the Nixon one was a Norman Rockell) plus a few others who could have been president – well anyonce can can’t they????

If you get a chance to get into the National Museum of African American History and Culture – get it. Tickets are available the month before and are free but in hot demand so ask your concierge too – that’s how we go ours on our last day. So worth it. I only did the culture sections as that took three hours – when I go back I will tackle the history floors which are all underground. This montage shows Chuck Berry’s Cadillac as well as the tower of books just about Abraham Lincoln (from the Ford Theatre Museum where he was shot)

Cocktail grazing with Urban Adventures DC after the National Portrait Gallery is a good way to go.

And finally the glorious cherry blossoms. We had a cold spell but because it followed a warm one we hit the prime cherry blossom viewing time.

Hanami in Tokyo – Spring has sprung

For those who enjoy cherry blossoms I am going to provide some sample pics over the next few days and then finish with my four best shots. Here are some shots from Ueno Park over the weekend where many young people meet up with friends and enjoy full day picnics to celebrate Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) – come rain come shine as you can see. 

Nothing, including cold and rain, stops people enjoying the cherry blossom season


Another way of viewing cherry blossoms in the dry and warmth is to visit the National Museum of Tokyo where you can find a range of art incorporating blossoms. It is hard to express what a big deal this is over here but hopefully the photos over the next few days will do that. It is stunning although I’m going to miss the very best days. 

Classic Japanese art – just gorgeous

Japan – Land of gardens, shrines, temples, geishas, food, cherry blossom food and selfies 

I’m starting this trip in Kyoto – a place I have never been to before. I was particularly keen to enjoy the cherry blossoms and see a geisha. So far it has been a bit of a “sliding doors” scenario on the blossoms as I am about 4 days late for early light pink blossoms that we tend to get in the UK too but about 4 days too early for the famous bright pink colour blossoms. As a result all tourists (including me) who are here at the moment take a picture of any single tree they see left with blossoms on it or early blooms from the next phase we will be missing. Ah well – a reason to return I guess. I’ve had better luck with geishas – more to come. Hopefully I will catch some blossoms in Tokyo if not here.

A few cherry blossom trees in Kyoto