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Malta – churches, more churches and a few cathedrals

It feels like there is a church for every inhabitant in Malta and a few to spare. Not just any churches mind you but quite a few massive cathedrals (or co-cathedrals as they call them). Churches are small, medium and many are massive with art (some of it spectacular in its own right) and gold and wood and stone carvings that would not be out of place in Rome. I think a lot were built following the arrival of the Knights of St John when they were kicked out of Rhodes by the Turks and it has gone on from there. To be honest I found the interiors somewhat excessive for my taste and I am always concerned by extravagant interiors in churches in places where the people are not exactly well off – and certainly would not have been at the time many of these were built. But equally, the Maltese are very proud of them so there you go. Take a look.