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Tokyo – more food, whiskey & cat bar and cherry blossom fixes

Am doing a lot of eating and chasing cherry blossoms -So wanted to share

Here is more Hanami – this time from Garden in National Museum of Tokyo

Enjoyed a traditional shabu shabu. 

Shabu shabu in Roppongi Hills

At this restaurant you are part of the kitchen and the cooking. Well actually the chefs do all the hard work and we just ate it – phenomenal. Robitaya in Roppongi Hills. 

Best and most entertains meal of the visit

This tiny whiskey bar seats about 7 people and boasts a permanent cat on the counter. Also whiskey was served over the biggest ice cube I’ve seen. As for whether I will ever get bored of sashimi? Nah…

More of everything I like – and I usually don’t like cats much but this one was ok.