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Germany, Rothenberg and Castle Harburg on the Romantic Road – last post from Germany

The Romantic Road is a tourist route through some very pretty parts of Southern Germany and while the road is not romantic most of the spots along the way are. Just to be clear they use the term romantic to mean old style and traditional rather than a place for lovers!). Our first stop was the delightful Harburg Castle which looks a castle should and is in a picture perfect landscape.

Just when you think things can’t get any cuter you arrive at Rothenburg. Firstly I was hooked on the wrought iron shop and hotel signs – these were some of my favorites.

When it came to the town I often felt I could be in Epcot Florida or really in Germany. It is almost too cute for its own good but it is also hard not to keep taking pictures. See what I mean?

It is also the place to come for Xmas markets and even in July the Xmas shop was doing a roaring trade – it is huge and easy to get lost in. Even I loved it and succumbed to a typical German toy purchase – a teddy bear (the small one of course, although I was tempted….).

Next stop: Vienna

Czech Republic, Prague – a visit to Cesky Krumlov and knuckle of pork!

A brief sojourn from Lisbon has taken me the the Czech Republic with my mate Jo. We spent the first day on a day trip to the lovely town and castle of Cesky Krumlov. It was quite a drive but worth it to walk around the castle grounds and the castle (which was owned by three families who kept dying out due to a lot of intermarrying)! The town is charming too and the weather did all the right things. Southern Bohemia at its best.

And when we got back to Prague we ended the day with knuckle of port – and scoffed the lot