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Morocco , Fes – Carpets, places of learning, city gates, dates and rose petals – just another day in the medina 

Exotic, varied and intriguing – a walk through the old town of Fes has something for everyone and more alleyways than you can imagine (Melbourne you have serious competition). It definitely helps to have a guide. Relax and enjoy the friendly people who are so proud to talk about their heritage and specific handicraft skills. Of course they would also like to sell you something – but I’ve see much pushier.

I did succumb to two jackets – one in soft leather, the other in soft suede. It’s bound to be cold once I get to London so very useful!!

Some of the beautiful buildings and gates in Fes

Things you see in the markets in Fes – the tannery, dates, pastry for pastille and rose petals

Best price of the day. Can I show you a carpet and give you a mint tea? We have Fes style, Berber style or middle and high Atlas style. Something for everyone. Did I mention – best price?