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USA, NYC – a visit to MOMA, an Ivy League day out in Princeton and a visit to Gulliver’s Gate

Having very much enjoyed seeing Billy Joel and then the play Ferryman, it was time for some different tourist activities.

First stop was MOMA – this place is almost as fantastic for its building design and in-house restaurants as it is for its art. We took a free tour of the sculpture Garden which was a new thing for me. Also liked the Brancusi exhibit and Magritte’s Kissing Couple – weird but strangely more voyeuristic than seeing their faces. At least I thought so!

Then Marjory and I took the took the train to Princeton where her cousin is a professor. I had never visited this town or the university campus before and it is an extraordinarily attractive place to study. Old buildings, beautiful landscaping, sculptures and an excellent art museum all on campus thanks to donations from former alumni.

By the way the character above right was made somewhere between 200 BC and 200 AD. That design would work today. Love it.

And then something totally different – a visit to Gulliver’s Gate which showcases the world in Miniature. It was actually more fun than I expected (I got my face in Niagara Falls!) although major omission with no sign of Australia or NZ???