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Italy, Rome – Day 5. Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Maestro Jocomo, Bramante Cloisters and Nocciole flavour gelato

Yes I’m back looking at art. This time at the galleries and private apartments called Palazzo Doria Pamphilj (thanks for the recommendation Shayne). The room below is a mini Versailles hall or mirrors. Love the painting at the top right – both the money lenders and their clients look pretty dodgy. Then the Raphael of the then Pope – who was horrified that it looked just like him (duh) and finally a death mask (yes they are somewhat obsessed with death over here – at least they were in earlier centuries). 

Art and rooms at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

And here are three paintings by an artist only known as Masetro Jocomo (candle) as no-one knows who she or he was and all he/she was known to have painted were candles. Well whoever it was – they did a fine job.

who was Maestro Jocomo?

Below is the fountain of the four Rivers (another Bernini), the Bramante cloisters which despite their traditional look on the outside housed an ultra modern exhibit inside which included me being in a room with a lot of red balloons! (Thanks again Shayne for that recommendation). After that I needed to eat well and visited Roscioli as recommended by Emma – it was truly fabulous

Fountains of the 4 rivers, Bramante Cloisters and Roscioli burrata and sun dried tomatoes to die for

And for those whose “ice cream Italian” needs a brush up – today’s flavour (courtesy of recommendation from Tania) was hazelnut – which basically tasted like iced Nutella and cream. Sigh……..