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Canada – Banff, Alberta – the designer town – everything is manicured and well maintained – including a perfect blue sky

After the Rocky Mountaineer for two days it was good to get onto solid ground and start my two night stay at the magnificent Banff Springs Hotel – a hotel originally built by the Canadian Pacific Railway company in the days of elegant and lengthy travel done by the wealthy folk from all over the colonies (maybe that’s what I’ve been doing over the past few months?). It is now owned by the Fairmont Group which is now owned by the Accor hotel group – it is a dog eat dog world. Nevertheless it retains its grandeur and sits in massive grounds with views from every corner.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel – the way hotels used to be

The walk into Banff from the hotel takes about 10 minutes and the views along the way make it worthwhile including the impressive Bow Falls which are literally at the bottom of the hotel grounds leading to a river path that takes you into town.

The walk from Banff Springs hotel to downtown

And finally I got to Banff Springs (by the way the whole of the town of Banff sits in the Banff National Park which is unusual). Yes it is a bit touristy but they do it very nicely and tackiness is reduced to a minimum. I enjoyed mooching around the gardens and the shops – of course!

Downtown Banff