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The Netherlands, Amsterdam – Food Tour in the Jordaan area

Strongly recommend this tour. 12 people max and small amount of walking and lots of eating (!) in places that specialize in Dutch dishes. Company was called Eating Europe and tour was four hours. Tour guide was very good as was the food – so here we go.

In this section we have – (I will provide a mix of Dutch and English names) Brined herring with onions and pickled cucumbers; poffertjes (small puffy pancakes served with maple syrup – from Canada!); bitterballen – loved these deep fried breadcrumbed balls with a hot bechamel and ragout filling; and then kibbeling (fried cod0. All washed down with Tulip vodka!

And there’s more ……….but first a beer…..and then….

In the days of the Dutch owned East India Trading company there were large holdings in Indonesia so their food has become almost a staple in the Netherlands (even though the “empire” is no more) – hence the satay; then some Farmers Cheese (apparently the name Gouda was never patented which means things called Gouda are often pasteurized – this cheese was not which of course made it way more tasty. A variety of sausages followed – my favourite was called ossenworst – if you are a steak tartare fan this is for you and it is a cold smoked raw beer sausage – needs to be tried. Delish.

Finally a half portion (!) of Dutch Apple pie and whipped cream (the real kind). This was from a tiny place called Cafe Papeneiland which Bill Clinton once turned up at unexpectedly after hours (well his security detail did) and they eventually let them all in – in this part of the world when you are closed you are closed! Anyway, i can see why Bill and his team wanted a taste!