Israel- Caesarea, Baha’i Gardens Haifa, Acre, Rosh Hanikra

My last tour in Israel was up to the northernmost part of the country. First stop was Caesarea – originally built by my old friend Herod the Great. Like many places in Israel it has had lots of layers of ownership – Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Christian. As a result a lot of the old city […]

Israel, Tel Aviv – The hummus story and other food I enjoyed as I ate my way around the city.

Tel Aviv and Jaffa used to be quite distinct cities but now it’s hard to figure where one ends and the other starts. I am staying in an area of Tel Aviv called Neve Tzedek – which is great for getting to Jaffa Port either by walking along the sea front or cutting through the […]

Israel, Jerusalem – the Israel Museum

I started my visit in Jerusalem in one museum and ended it in another – this time the amazing Israel Museum which has something for everyone. We got onto a free tour which lasted two hours and was fascinating. The docent managed to cover the history of mankind (really, she did!) as she took as […]

Israel, Palestine (my 105th country) – Jericho, Bethlehem and Ramallah

I spent a very interesting day in Palestine (which I am counting as my 105th country as it is recognized by the majority of UN countries albeit not by any of the major powers ie. EU, US, Aus, Canada etc). Palestine or the West Bank (of the River Jordan) is a very different place to […]

Israel, Jerusalem – a day walking around the Old City

I am staying at the iconic King David Hotel which is only a minute walk to the old city. we had a great tour guide called It is hard to explain the old city in some ways because you feel like you are walking through the Bible at every turn – visiting places mentioned both […]

Israel, Jerusalem (my 104th country) – Yad Vashem and the Mahaneh Yehuda Market

Well I didn’t mean to start my first visit to Jerusalem with Yad Vashem (the holocaust museum) but we ended up there as our first choice was the Israel Museum but it doesn’t open until 4pm on a Tuesday – which we found out on arrival at 11am! And we wanted to hold off visiting […]

2019 – My reflections on another year of traveling – and my fave books and TV series – warning – Bumper Edition!

It seems I was only just writing my reflections on my 2018 travels and once again as the year is drawing to an end and I am back in Seville for the 3rd time in as many years, it is a good time to reflect on the past 12 months (and to plan for the […]

Romania, Bucharest – last few days in the city

After my lovely tour of the Romanian interior I finished up with a few days in Bucharest and also met up with one of my old school friends Lorna. Bucharest cannot be deacribed as one of Europe’s prettiest capitals even though it is sometimes called the Paris of the East – somewhat of an exaggeration. […]