Mauritius (113th country) – lots of beach chilling and Walking with lions

Great relaxing end to our visit to South Africa was a six day chill in Mauritius – another new country for me.

Our hotel – Sands Suites was situated on Flec en Flac (love saying that!) beach. Even when it rains it clears up very quickly so an easy place to just sit and watch the ocean.

Sands Suites Flic en Flac

We also took a walk through the forest along the coast to Tamarin Bay – very pretty.

Tamarin Bay

A huge highlight for us was Walking with the Lions at Casela Park (thanks for the recommendation Lorna) and sanctuary. Luckily these animals are well fed (!) and you get an hour walking and interacting with them. Very cool – once I stopped being scared!! We spent our hour with two white lionesses. Magic.

Watching the girls do their thing

Walking with lions involves being led by them as you hang on to their tail. And like household cats they love a good petting

As we walked around the park we encountered more lions on the safari drive.

Lions having fun

And very excitingly we also got up close and personal with the white and golden tigers. They are BIG. Apparently they tried to do visitor interactions with them way back when it they tended to attack for the fun of it – so as that was not very good for business they stopped it.

Tyger Tyger burning bright

The ocean does t just look good during the day- it also produces a lot of sunsets like these.

Sunset from Sands Suites Flic en Flac

And finally I had to say bye to Trudy and Alan – as they headed off back to the UK while I am off to another beachy spot.

The end of a great trip to Southern Africa

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