UK, London – Royal Academy Antony Gormley exhibit and tea at Fortnum and Mason

If you are visiting or living in London I definitely recommend a stop at the magnificent Gormley exhibit at the Royal Academy. Having seen Another Place in Crosby last week I was especially excited to meet up with my mate Barbara and see what the RA had in store for us. We were not disappointed.

Just walking through the courtyard to the building gives you a thrill

Then into the first rooms of sculptures

There were about 20 different variations of metal planks all depicting a male in different positions – so clever

From tiny pip to fully mature apple on one side and a sliced bread with teeth marks tracing on the other

A lot of the pieces allow for full interaction – this one you can walk around or through

Getting lost and trying not to trip up inside the metal movable spirals

The iconic steel Gormley male figures were in abundance

And they are always available for a photo op

These don’t look as much like men when you see them with the naked eye but you can really see the curves in a photo. One of these is not a Gormley!

Tons of steel hanging from what looks like a glass ceiling but has somehow been reinforced.

This piece was designed by Gormley especially for this room at the RA

The final rooms had an enormous hanging metal sphere and another one filled with mud, stones and water – in the RA!!!

Flooded room in the RA was quite a shock!

As we headed out we visited one of the other rooms which had an array of coloured window displays plus a massive table filled with biscuits that you could interact with – my edible masterpiece is below.

The baby is in the courtyard outside the RA and is of course by Gormley!

A fab exhibit and we finished our day by crossing the road to Fortnum and Mason for afternoon tea – although I seemed to have stumbled into the Xmas department (yes again – grrr) en route – not so happy then but much happier after tea:)

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