Israel, Jerusalem – the King David Hotel

Today I am devoting my blog to the iconic King David Hotel in Jerusalem. All the good and the great (and not so great have stayed here over the years. And many of the famous residents have signed their names on a long row of floor tiles that mark one end of the main lobby corridor to the other.

The lobby is elegant and the staff impeccable and the flowers gorgeous.

There is loads of space both inside and out to just hang around and relax – whether on the outside terrace or the lobby lounge or slightly more private lounge area. And I love the ceilings which have been restored splendidly.

The pool area looking back on the classic building design is pretty special too and great for a brief respite after all that walking in the heat.

And the flowers in the garden areas are kept in impeccable condition too.

At night you can see the old City and watch the sun go down.

A very special treat to stay here.

5 thoughts on “Israel, Jerusalem – the King David Hotel

  1. Ran Yaari

    The king david hotel is one of the best hotels in Israel, and belong to the dan chin with dan tel aviv eilat and Haifa, the acadia in Herzelia , Dan Cesaria and more. This hotel was famously during the British mandat. He was the H Q of the British in Palestine and was bombed and destroyed by the irgun grup, the perents of the today licud party with Begin Shmir and Netanyaho.

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