Brazil, last days in Parintins and cruising the Amazon

Sad to be leaving Brazil after what has been a fab and varied visit. Our last port of call was a place on the Amazon called Parintins which is famous for its boi Bumba dancing – a mix of Afro caribbean and Brazilian exuberance. The cast were fantastic and I loved every minute.

I even found a tiny bit of street art (that reminded me of Vhils from Lisbon) and the pedal bikes here are used as they only have three actual 4 wheel taxis in the town.

Back on board we finally had our “official” and fun event for polliwogs (those who hadn’t crossed the equator by sea before) and once you have “kissed the fish” (kind of like becoming a Newfoundlander) and you’ve been dunked into the pool you become a shellback!

The equator crossing that evening was the 3rd time we’d crossed on this cruise. Here’s the jump from the southern to northern hemisphere recorded for posterity.

And today – as we head back into the Atlantic we celebrated with caviar served by the officers in the pool. (Normally in the surf but obviously there’s none of that here!)

2 thoughts on “Brazil, last days in Parintins and cruising the Amazon

  1. uschi52012

    Wow, this trip really has evolved since its first time in 2014. No Bomba dancers in Parintins for us…:-). Also, our equator “dunk” was much less glamorous and much messier😂
    When on Devils Island don’t miss the monkeys. It also helps to refresh your memory on the Dreyfus Affair and what he had to endure being incarcerated on that tropical island.
    Will you be stopping at the Azores? 👍👍👍

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