Canada, Nova Scotia – Lunenberg

Last stop on the cruise in the Maritimes and this time it was Halifax Nova Scotia. I had been there a couple of times so took a tour to the gorgeous town of Lunenburg about 90 minutes away – great views all the way there too.

En route we stopped at Mahone Bay

Lunenburg is the home of the Bluenose 2 ship – it wasn’t in dock on this day. It was (well the original one anyway) the fastest sailing ship ever for many consecutive years. It was named after one of the nicknames for people living in Nova Scotia. Apparently, back in the day, they all used to wear blue mittens in Winter and when it got cold and their noses ran they wiped them with their mittens and the blue dye came off on their noses. Great story:)

The first pic below shows three churches next to each other- although the third is a bit hard to see – and then some close ups.

Every road you turn into the buildings are traditional, well maintained and colourful. No wonder the whole old part of town has UNESCO heritage status

Finally in the land of the lobster I’m on a mission to taste, compare and contrast lobster rolls at various ports.

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