Canada, Quebec City – still as charming as ever

We had an overnight stop in Quebec City which meant lots of time to enjoy this wonderful city that feels way more French than Canadian.

The area around the docks is full of antiques shops, cafes and 3D murals.

Then I headed to the upper part of town – good for accumulation of floors on your iPhone- and went to see the changing of the guard at the Citadel. Quite reminiscent of the UK version but with a regimental goat – an idea from Wales

While at the citadel I also opted for the tour of the Governor General’s residence – her second one as her first is in Ottawa. Btw – a very impressive Gov Gen who has been to space and speaks six languages plus lots more. Note chandeliers meant to look like icicles.

Then on to the lovely Chateau Frontenac Hotel – am old Canadian Pacific Railway Hotel now owned by Fairmont. I stayed here over 20 years ago and this time I did the one hour tour which was fun.

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