Germany, Munich

Spent the first day here walking around the Altstadt and taking in the first of what will be many museum visits.

The buildings in the old town are pretty much as I remember them – 30 years since I last visited – although some are shrouded in scaffolding.However the crowds have grown considerably. Munich and Bavaria are having an economic boom. Unemployment is negligible at less than 2.5% and in fact it is much harder to find an apartment (major shortage) than a job – a bit of a change from the situation in Southern Spain where I just came from. Note the yellow chairs on the stairs for people to sit on – nice touch.

I bought the combined ticket for the Residenz – the old palatial home of the Bavarian leaders – just 150 rooms to see!! These include the old (including an original indoor grotto!) and the new(er) palace. I will revisit to see the Theatre and Treasury on another day as I got carried away listening to the excellent commentary on the free audio.

If bling and history is your thing this is the place for you. I liked it – and not many tourists either!

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