Spain, San Sebastian and Loyola Sanctuary

Had to make sure to visit San Sebastián (foodie capital of the world?) while in Bilbao if only for the day – next time will spend more time there.

First stop was the Loyola Sanctuary and church – which is where the whole Jesuit thing started. Interesting historically if less so for me, religiously. The dome ceiling in the church and the spectacular chandelier beneath it were my faves.

Then on to San Sebastián via some gorgeous countryside even thought the weather was grim.

The town of San Sebastián has 3 3 Michelin star restaurants, one 2 start and about 12 more with one star. As a result it brings people from all over the world who love their food and they even give out awards for the best pinxtos. But I have decided to restrain myself with no more pinxtos pics:(

The sun came out finally at the end of the day which was perfectly timed as we headed up to the top of the local hill and got the best views of the wonderful city beach with some sun. For some reason they have a very tacky amusement park at the top of the same hill which I avoided photographing – luckily it doesn’t open until mid June. Why oh why???

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