Miami, More art galleries – the Rubell in Wynwood and the Bass in Miami Beach

There are a lot of galleries (mostly contemporary) in Miami most of which I have tried to see. Some are far better than others – Rubell I loved; Bass not so much. Still they are in nice buildings with air con and often close to the beach and/or cool bars so what’s not to like really.

The Rubell started off as a private collection of a young couple who bought things they liked. Now their collection has become so popular that part of it tours other cities in the US and they are having to move to larger premises – some of the items they originally bought were less than $500. Here are some samples

The chairs were as squishy as they look and very comfortable. The lady on the pink carpet has a perennial twitch of her right hand – the mix between human and robot; the lady in the plastic bag reflects a lawyer on the garbage heap now replaced with an automated and cheaper alternative.

The female artist on the left uses well known motifs from traditional artists and does her own thing with them; the male who is completely three dimensional is dipped in some sort of laminate and while totally modern strikes a classic Grecian statuary post and the reclining lady is actually a model who is part male part female.

The lady on the left is a made via 3D printer; the Chinese artist top right just stopped people in the street and asked them to give him everything they had on them and he turned it into art; and the daughter of the Rubell couple made the fully functional nutcracker from the mannequin – you are allowed to crack the walnuts!

Finally, from my less liked Bass here are three pieces. The drawing of Josephine Baker comes from the French restaurant next door and is easily my favorite of the four.

And there is always time for some relaxation by the ocean – this time it was Shuckers for a lovely casual lunch.

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