Vietnam, Pho Soup (Susie style)

One of the best things about being at the Hyatt in Danang is breakfast. While they have all the usual British, American and European options it is the traditional Pho soup that I have every day. By the time I have added the Susie touch it is a meal that keeps me full for the rest of the day. So here is how the dish starts – very simply with noodles and chicken (sometimes beef) to which is added a fresh broth.

Then comes the fun part – adding all the things that make it unique every day – this is because there are different things each day so it never tastes exactly the same – but it always has a good sprinkling of fresh chilies, chilli powder and chilli sauce so good for detox too. And no I don’t always know what I am adding but if it looks and tastes good – that’s all I need to know.

Then I take the bowl back to my table, add the belly of port and a squish of lime juice and I’m ready to tuck in.

Total bliss:)

4 thoughts on “Vietnam, Pho Soup (Susie style)


    I thought your place was further South……….we just spent Christmas in Hoi An with our boys (25 and 22 now!). Weather wasn’t the greatest but we had a great time travelling round the northern part of Vietnam. Where to this year? All the best for 2019

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    1. Global Nomad. whatsusiebdidnext Post author

      Nope – 20 minutes from Hoi An -on the beach. Wish I’d known you cold have stayed at my spacious two bed two bath apartment!!!! Actually am in Miami now but heading to Vietnam later today for a couple of weeks. It will be rainy but warm – nicest weather is usually around mid Feb to mid June then v hot!! This year will continue to travel – keep following the blog and you will see where – covering Asia, Australia, South America, Eastern Europe, the UK and Africa!! Just no Antarctica – this year!! Hope you are all well. Maybe we can get together when I’m in the Uk in Sept/Oct?



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