Australia, Central Tablelands New South Wales

Just enjoyed a mini road trip to the Central Tablelands of NSW – the are west of the Blue Mountains which included Bathurst – famous for it car racing apparently.

My friend Kaye kindly did the driving and we spent two days at Buddens, a B and B in Rockley owned by her lovely friends Deirdre and Tony. We explored the local area including Bathurst, Blayney, Lucknow and Millthorpe. As my pal Tania said “you do get around”. If you haven’t been to this part of the world it is worth the visit for the scenery and historic country towns that seem to be on every corner.Here is the area in Rockley where we stayed.

On the final day we visited Mayfield Gardens – a massive place in Oberon – built by a very rich ex investment banker! It was lovely and we had perfect weather for the visit – although flies were a little annoying. Mayfield also has a very nice cafe inside so well worth a stop if you are in the region.

Everyone told me I was bound to see loads of kangaroos around this part of the country – not to mention wallabies and maybe even duck billed platypus. They were WRONG. Not one Roo or anything else bar sheep and cows did I see!

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