Italy, Venice Biennale days 3 & 4

Palazzo Fortuny used to be owned by the Fortuny designer and is now home to some of the Biennale exhibits. Some of these Palazzos are worth visiting for the architecture as well as the art.

Below is an example of video art which starts and ends with squiggles which I enjoyed watching.

Below is an original Fortuny ceiling light and a scale model of the Palazzo. Underneath is some fun art from the Azerbaijan Pavilion and then some fun art from me:) – hopefully you can tel which is my work?!?

And talking of me pretending to be an artist – there is Damien Hirst’s first exhibition in ten years. The premise is treasure found under the sea from a shipwreck of many years ago. Most of the treasure is colossal in size and is being shown both at Palazzo Grassi and the Punta Della Dogana (both buildings owned by the billionaire Francois Pinault). Of course the whole thing is a hoax but they created the pieces (offshore production I think) then dropped them in the sea and then dug them up again so they would have some video art showing the divers “discovering” the “treasures”.

I’ve never been a fan of Hirst and now I’m less of one. These exhibits would have cost millions of dollars to make and ship and instal in Venice but he must surely think he is having the last laugh if anyone takes this seriously as a worthy comeback. Disappointing but no doubt will sell well after the exhibit:(

And is that green head a Caravaggio rip off or what (see earlier post with the original)?

And below is what I mean by “colossal”.

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