Italy, Biennale Day 2

The Venice Biennale began in 1934 and every second year showcases an artist who represents their country in a variety of old palazzos, deconsecrated churches and other historical buildings around the city. There are two main places to see a variety of pavilions (Giardini Gardens and the Arsinale).

First stop at the Giardini was the Australian Pavilion (of course). Tracy Moffatt was representing Australia and her photos and videos are very evocative. One of the better country exhibits making points about her aboriginal background and also today’s refugees but not (too) overly in your face.

Next a visit to the New Zealand Pavilion at the Arsinale. I loved this. It’s a really wide screen showing continuous scenes related to the British landing on Maori land – whole thing lasts about 40 minutes. Beautifully shot and an extension of other works this artist (Lisa Reihana) has done over the past few years. Mesmerizing. Well done NZ.

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