Italy, Rome – Day 4. Out and about and some scary Capuchin monks plus basil flavour gelato today.

Just to prove I don’t spend all of my time in art galleries and museums I am sharing some random day and night shots of Rome taken as I’ve been mooching about the city on foot and also from an open top bus tour. It is fairly called La Bella Roma.

The final pic is a snap from the Capuchin Crypt which is decorated with human bones and skulls and as you can see some of these monks who were so holy that they didn’t decompose at the same speed as us mortals – hence some of them look very alive although in fact dead for a couple of hundred years. They seem to have a thing for dead people staying in great shape in Rome – Cecilia, a couple of the former popes in the Vatican and now this. It was certainly bizarre and as they so nicely put it 

“What you are now we once were; what we are now, you shall be”. So there you have it!

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