Italy, Sicily – Castelmola and Mount Etna

You think you are high up when you stay in Taormina and then you head up to Castelmola – just 15 minute precarious bus ride up what feels like a very steep road – actually it is both steep and wiggly – see pic below. Of course the trip is worth it as not only is it a sweet little town to have an aperol spritz and Campari and soda in – our particular faves – but also the views of Mount Etna require a million different photos. I’ve managed to whittle mine down to 5 – so as not to be too boring. But it is kind of cool – and you never know if it is going to blow…….

Views of Mount Etna from Castelmola

2 thoughts on “Italy, Sicily – Castelmola and Mount Etna

  1. Marlene Etherington

    I enjoyed Sicily so much when I was there in 2014. I hope you will visit Agrigento and Syracusa, as well as smaller places. ,

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