Italy, Sicily, Taormina

After Morocco and Madrid I meant to post from London but somehow the time ran away from me. Lots of meetings and catching ups including with a cohort of former Midland Bank people that I used to work with 25 years ago. Of course we all still look as young as we were then.

So now safely in Taormina which is on the North east coast of Sicily with my mate Beth and honestly if you had to describe your idea of a Sicilian town based on The Godfather and other movies, this would definitely be it. Lots of little red roofed houses clinging to the side of the hills all dwarfed by Mount Erna which gently spews out smoke and gas every day – at least that is all it has done so far.

Decided to stay in the old town of Taormina in an apartment attached to a hotel (Hotel Carlotta) which is lovely, elegantly decorated and very spacious and a short walk into town which is filled with restaurants, bars, ceramic shops and shoe shops – well:)

Turns out the Giro d’Italia was here today – we had no idea and frankly I wasn’t even sure what it was (sorry cycling fanatics) – so we are “enjoying” lots of men in lycra – although even the very fit don’t look that great in lycra – whoever invented that has a lot to answer for!

And for the cycling fanatics, I’ve included some guys on bikes – courtesy of Beth.

A selection of views of Taormina that you see around every corner

Our apartment, the pool and the view from our balcony

Giro d’Italia participants racing past our hotel

4 thoughts on “Italy, Sicily, Taormina

  1. paulettemcrooke

    Love, no -adore- the photos! Sicily was never on my list, but maybe it should be. Thx for sharing. 😘


    1. whatsusiebdidnext Post author

      Next time you’re in Italy make a detour. Now that the G7 have left it should be back to its normal self. We at least missed the bigwigs but encountered zillions of security personnel checking out the location beforehand. We felt very safe!



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