Spain, Madrid – great buildings, strong women and  Chocolate & churros

A mostly rainy weekend in Madrid meant a fair bit of time spent indoors but a glimmer of sun eventually allowed me to snap some lovely buildings early in the day when there were few people around. 

Some very impressive buildings in downtown Madrid

Then headed for the Thyssen Bornemissza museum and especially enjoyed the examples of strong females from different eras – I want to be all of them. 

Some interesting female portraits

Finally I was so rain soaked, I had to do the tourist visit to  the place that invented churros with dipping chocolate. It was good enough for Sophia Loren who visited often so it was good enough for me. Churros were not sweet and the melted chocolate must have been 80% cocoa – so all very healthy:). Shortly after scoffing all that I stumbled on the sculpture below and got an idea of what happens if you visit this place every day. Regardless – I think she is fabulous as she happily flaunts herself on the sidewalk for all to see. Go Girl. 

Churros, chocolate and the potential after effects

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