Morocco, Marrakech –  last day visit to Majorelle Gardens and I can finally binge obsess about the doors I’ve seen all over Morocco

So we visited the lovely, but sadly overcrowded, Majorelle Gardens on our last day. This was where the late YSL and his partner developed a garden (which they rescued from potential oblivion) and a foundation to help local kids. In summary it is a homage to cactus, blue and yellow and has the best gift shop ever.  Last time I visited about 15 years ago it was much quieter – seems the secret’s out. 

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech

And now for the doors – I’ve seen so many on our travels and they are symbolic as well as varied, interesting and diverse. So many places we saw in Morocco were behind doors that gave you no clue as to what was behind them – so there was always a “down the rabbit hole” feeling whenever you went through one. As a finale, rather than focussing on what was behind the doors I thought I’d celebrate the doors themselves. Below are some of my favourites from the sublime and complex to the simple yet nonetheless mesmerizing. Enjoy. 

Selection of intricate doors from around the country

Some simple and battered doors – still lovely though

Next stop – cheeky couple of days in Madrid

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