Morocco, Marrakech  – finally here.

Marrakech looking its best in Spring time. 

The quieter parts of Marrakech including the madrassa and mosque and the jacaranda trees

First visit to the souk – slippers, dyers, locks and lights

Want to find something? Visit the souk. Everything from locks to slippers. 

You can even find many varieties of cacti – including a few fake ones (!) at La Mamounia Gardens. 

Cacti at La Mamounia

2 thoughts on “Morocco, Marrakech  – finally here.

  1. Jane Hamilton

    Hi Suzi, I just read your blog for the first time. Looks like you are having an amazing time. Life after full time work is great isn’t it. If ever you are in London would love to catch up! Best wishes Jane (Hamilton)


    1. whatsusiebdidnext Post author

      Thanks Jane and great to hear from you. I will be in London next week but only for a week and it is a crazy one. I will likely be back in September and maybe more permanently next year. Do you have contact details? You can send to me via LI if you like and I will send mine to you. Regards Susie



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