Morocco – Into the sahara (or desert).  

We are now in central Morocco – an area less visited than the other parts of the country. In Rissani we saw the museums and many locally made Berber carpets of all kinds (and of course I succumbed to a kilim:)

Then we headed to our desert encampment. The tents were somewhat more comfortable than the traditional Berbers use and included en-suite bathrooms! What we didn’t expect was a major sandstorm which started as we travelled up the dunes at sunset on our sturdy camels. The speed with which the wind – and therefore the sand – whips up is quite scary. Visibility can vanish very fast. It wasn’t something we thought we’d experience but it certainly gives a bit of an understanding of how hard living in the desert must be.

Carpets, museums and a desert rose (made naturally from sand)

Our desert camp and the warm welcome on arrival. T at top of sand dune imitating a T!

No doubt that without camels in the desert you are “stuffed”. We need a few more lessons in tying headscarves but not bad effort and avoided sand in mouth – mostly.

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