Japan, Tokyo – Mori Art Museum, N S Harsha and Tokyo night lights

While it is great to see the work of artists you know and love, one of the things I love about going to art galleries or museums is getting exposure to artists you’ve never heard of. So it was that I visited the Mori Art Museum at 8.30 pm on a Saturday night (yes I know, get a life!)mostly because I wanted to see the space itself (I’ve never been to an art museum on the 54th floor of a building before) and also to take in the night view over Tokyo. Then I saw the guest exhibit was by N S Harsha an artist based in Mysore (Mysuru) and was truly stunned with his work. My absolute favorite is the final painting below – a true masterpiece.

Much of it has social commentary built into it but he also displays a love for his local community and the people in it. As a result you will see he paints a lot of people and each one is different. In the second set of extracts from four massive paintings he actually painted over 1000 people and again they are all different and some are quite funny (see the grumpy Batman clad guy?) He is also interested in sleep’s restorative  powers so people sleeping appear quite often.

N S Harsha – people sleeping and is that the Opera House I see around the man’s neck?

1000 people – a masterful canvas


And here you see something different again – huge installations in incredible detail. The one with the sewing machines shows different flags being made on one side but blank on the other – questioning the meaning of “nationhood” and whether a constant flag can really represent changing nations adequately.

Sewing machines, t shirts and cows

The painting below is huge and covers a gigantic wall and at a distance looks like it was painted in massive brush stroke but as you see from the detailed shot below it is actually made up of thousands of tiny stars and planets. Just fantastic. 

N S Harsha paints infinity

And for those wondering about the Tokyo night views from the 54th floor – here they are. 

Tokyo glittering by night from on high

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