Japan – Land of gardens, shrines, temples, geishas, food, cherry blossom food and selfies 

I’m starting this trip in Kyoto – a place I have never been to before. I was particularly keen to enjoy the cherry blossoms and see a geisha. So far it has been a bit of a “sliding doors” scenario on the blossoms as I am about 4 days late for early light pink blossoms that we tend to get in the UK too but about 4 days too early for the famous bright pink colour blossoms. As a result all tourists (including me) who are here at the moment take a picture of any single tree they see left with blossoms on it or early blooms from the next phase we will be missing. Ah well – a reason to return I guess. I’ve had better luck with geishas – more to come. Hopefully I will catch some blossoms in Tokyo if not here.

A few cherry blossom trees in Kyoto

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