Margaret River – it’s not just about the food and wine and caves. You have to visit the beaches, lighthouses and Busselton Jetty too.

Onward from central Margaret River, we made our way to the Pullman Hotel at Bunker Bay – a nice enough hotel but particularly blessed by its proximity – a short walk from room to sea – to Bunker Bay. I am now in a bit of a dilemma between beaches in WA v. beaches in Tassie. It is a tight contest. Australia does have a lot of damned impressive beaches – and to think in the UK where I come from we consider something a beach even if it has no sand and lots of sharp pebbles! I know better now.

Bunker Bay, WA

Next stop was the Cape Naturliste lighthouse which is on the tip of the North West corner of this area. It is only short in height (although we still look pretty small next to it) but up a steep hill so still had impressive views of the ocean in all directions – and I’ve never been inside a lighthouse before either – so that was a first. I then walked back to the hotel through the bush convinced that every stick was a black snake which there are warnings about everywhere – as in “if you see one, don’t go near it” – are they kidding or what?

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse with Trudy and Alan my traveling companions on this leg and the many colours of the ocean

And last stop was Busselton which happens to have the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere (or the world depending on which website you ask) – which is probably why they provide a train to get from one end to the other! You will of course be pleased to know that Trudy and I walked it right to the end and back – what heroes we are.

Busselton Jetty

Next stop Vietnam.

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