What would you like from me?

Thanks to all who have been following my travel blog so far. It’s a great way for me to keep track of where I’ve been and of course to share this with you. 

So I will be heading off again later this week and starting to post shortly thereafter. I want to make sure that I share things you are interested in as well as the things I’m interested in. So this is a request for your input on what you would like me to include in my posts. Could be where to eat, stay or experiences or anything really – up to you. I will try and respond to your feedback, noting I do want to keep the posts short and snappy – as I know you are all busy people.

I certainly got lots of ideas on books to read when I asked for them so am hoping for the same on this topic. Look forward to hearing from you.

And before I leave Melbourne here are two very different pieces of art I saw recently. On the left, a giant piece of street art I saw recently in Melbourne – and to princesses everywhere, don’t we all feel like this sometimes(?) and on the right a sculpture of the Moir Sisters by Linda Marrinon that I saw at the MCA in Sydney which I just fell in love with.

3 thoughts on “What would you like from me?

  1. Adventurer on a motorbike

    Stories of the people you meet, see, pass by. The fabulous tales of frustration and joy when you reach a new destination. Keep it up, love your story and your courage. Laura


  2. Sheridan

    Hi SuZie

    I am interested in where you go and things that stand out. Where are you off too this time?
    If you see any coastal pools like we have in Australia – they have them in Madeira, Portugal and Spain but if you find any good Lidos or pools let me know it is my hobby to hop on a plan and go and swim to try it out.
    Also any books. I have discovered the Icelandic Pulitzer Prize winner Laxness and love his book Fish can Sing”. I also discovered a special library in the city today the oldest in Australia near Pitt street and joined. It has Thomas Keneallys private collection and you can borrow for a 15 dollar joining fee. The mechanics arts association I think it’s called incredible

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    1. whatsusiebdidnext Post author

      Thanks Sheridan – you will have to continue to read the blog to see where I go next – hate to spoil the surprise! Thanks also for all the tips – will follow some of those up. Tired to visit Parliament House today for daily tour only to find they had cancelled the ones I wanted to attend. Ah well – another day:) Susie



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