My favourites list from New Zealand 

So many fantastic experiences but in the end it is all the unexpected things that I loved the most. 

The city of Christchurch – managed a day there on the way home and it is full of vigour, determination, laughter and funky art – the people there are looking forward not backwards and I loved that. 

Scenery and sea close together – like the Pancake Rocks.

The food and wine – especially the glut of green lipped mussels that I imbibed (and that is the right word) -I just kept slurping them up with wine to wash them down of course. Roll on Bluff oyster season.

And, again unexpectedly, the interesting things you can do like jumping off a mountain and flying over Queenstown and here finally is the proof of that:)

Green lipped mussels, Pancake rocks, parasailing and funky Ronnie Van Hout art in Christchurch

Any complaints? Only very wiggly roads, weather even more changeable than Melbourne and the downside of the peace and quiet – intermittent wifi/roaming access (but I suppose that is the whole point?).

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