Final days in New Zealand – Arthur’s Pass, Castle Hill

Drove from Dunedin through Arthur’s Pass in the centre of the South Island to stay at another Wilderness Lodge.What a glorious part of the country.Braided rivers, more boulders at Castle Hill (I’m getting a bit of a thing about boulders), lovely flora and fauna – really hard to finally leave what must be one of the most wonderful landscapes I’ve ever visited. 

You Kiwis are right – you live in scenic paradise – and you keep that quiet so that it remains that way. Good on you – smart move:)

Arthur”S Pass Wilderness Lodge where I stayed for a couple of days including the braided river.

The Castle Hill Boulders – definitely a place to shoot a movie

Flora around Wilderness Lodge.

1 thought on “Final days in New Zealand – Arthur’s Pass, Castle Hill

  1. Nicole

    Boulder then it must be !!
    we’ve got plenty here …the first 2 picks could be Boulder , CO,
    the flowers are scarcer as it is so dry here …
    good on you taking this time to travel and see the corners , humbling I am sure.
    I am sitting on my laptop outside in the 60’s and bright sunshine and the birds are chirping …unusually for mid feb.
    sending lots of sunshine,

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