New Zealand, Queenstown – I never go jet boating without my Louis – naturally…..

Queenstown – my midlife crisis has been satisfied!
First piece of news is that after 12 years of no driving at all and 21 years of no driving on the left hand side of the road – I actually drove the rental car – (round some very wiggly NZ roads I might add). So it is true – you don’t forget how to do it – but personally I still much prefer to be driven (chauffeurs always welcome) so I can look out of the window. Big thanks to Marjory for sitting next to me and not gripping her chair too often!
But that’s not all – in Queenstown I bought a fab piece of art by a cool local artist – Louise McCrae – who paints abstracts on a large piece of wood, then chops it all up in different widths and sizes and then puts it all back together again in a different form – so real creation, destruction and reconstruction – pretty cool.

Then I went jet-boating – actually second time for me as Nigel and Rae-Ann took me out a few years ago but this time we did some spins too.

I never go jet boating without my LV

Queenstown thrills and food. See that view – I ran off the mountain just above there…..


And for the finale – I ran off the top of the mountain in Queenstown – luckily while attached at a pilot and a parasail. Pretty cool after you actually leave land. Would do it again. Proof to be provided later as pics are all on USB stick. Honest!

7 thoughts on “New Zealand, Queenstown – I never go jet boating without my Louis – naturally…..

  1. Klaudia

    Dear Susie, you look very good in your coat, must be very cold! So, it is not a destination for my weekend break in Cooli!


  2. Sheridan

    Ok I think your having way too much fun and better come back to work. No your not missing a thing enjoy the NZ hospitality. Loving following the trip as I put my nose to the grindstone and secretly plan one of my own!
    Sheridan Hopkins

    Liked by 1 person


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