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A Day in West Hollywood

Long walks around the local area – this is a treat as there are not many parts of LA that are walkable but West Hollywood is one of them. Joined Karen and some other longstanding friends of ours – Paul and Murray – and had a very enjoyable dinner at La Boheme. The pics below show our very cool hotel – the Mondrian – where we are trying our best to be cool too – and probably not succeeding too well but having fun trying.

Some images of the Mondrian Hotel and the four of us on the communal swing in the lobby!

Today Karen and I did the open top bus tour – a must just about everywhere I go and stopped off at the Farmers Market and Grove for some shopping and lunch between the sightseeing. This included a stop at American Girl – a place that my friend Leon helped me to discover some years ago on a business trip. The phenomenon of these dolls is something else and worth looking up but one of the pics below shows the place where you can leave your American Girl doll at the hair salon to have her hair set -not the mini hairdressing chairs. Awesome. 

Amidst the glam and glamour and fun (note the mirror in my room that becomes a tv (and that’s the Golden Globes we are watching right now) – there are also some sadder examples of real life as can be seen in the final pic of this montage

Los Angeles – West Hollywood

Finally on dry land and staying in West Hollywood. Have required full 24 hours to stop walking in a swaying fashion – or at least if I do that now it can no longer  be blamed on the ship listing! Very happy to have reconnected with my old pal Karen who lives in Vancouver who I’ve known since the early 90’s when we both worked together for HSBC (or was it still Midland Bank in those days?) in Jersey. 

Sunset Boulevad, Sunset strip, Mel’s Diner (our brekkie spot) and me and Karen

Today we visited LACMA – first time for me and a must see collection of amazing art in even more amazing buildings. Loved it. 

Some cool pieces of art at LACMA and me in front of the “yellow spaghetti” installation

Last days on the ship

Now onto final two sea days on the Seabourn Odyssey- via three stops in Mexico.

Below are snaps of the adult playground known as Cabo San Lucas – all very pretty at a distance  but once in it a bit too touristy for my liking. Highlight was whale watching but like those hummingbirds they are very hard to photograph so you”ll have to take my word I saw a few blows and splashes!

Looking forward to dry land on Jan 6 – LA here I come. 

Views of Cabo San Lucas

Antigua – the old capital of Guatemala. 

We arrived at Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala a couple of days ago – and took off to visit Antigua (not the one in the Caribbean but the old capital city). Like many places in this part of the world it is very colourful and everyone is super friendly – even while trying to sell you their wares. 

Can you see the face in the rock? She is staring towards the volcano below which is smoking. 

A lot of jade comes from this country so a good place to buy some and here is a pic of my “truth teller” of the Izapa tribe. 

And the chap above is the best I’ve been able to manage in terms of cute guys. True – he is a bit skinny for my liking and possibly a little older than I am – but beggars can’t be choosers!

All the best for 2017.