More Melbourne time with my mates

As promised the Hockney and Bulgari sections of my epic three hour visit to the NGV and enjoying the sunshine with my mates – so nice to finally have some time to enjoy their company:)

Bulgari glitters. If it’s good enough for Elizabeth Taylor, it’s good enough for me.

Hockney and his iPad has enabled him to churn out thousands of great paintings. Maybe I should give it a try?


In both cases below it was the boys who took the selfies. I thought I should point that out in case anyone noticed the drop in photographic standards?

With Marjory and Jeremy at the tennis: With Susanna and Alistair and wine.

2 thoughts on “More Melbourne time with my mates

  1. Sylvie watts

    Hockney, Bulgari, tennis and wine? My perfect combo!
    I have a book about Liz Taylor’s jewelry and when one of her husbands bought her a fabulous necklace, earrings and bracelet set, she said ‘ what’s the occasion? Why have you bought these for me?’ He replied: ‘ Because it’s Tuesday’ !!!!!



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