Antigua – the old capital of Guatemala. 

We arrived at Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala a couple of days ago – and took off to visit Antigua (not the one in the Caribbean but the old capital city). Like many places in this part of the world it is very colourful and everyone is super friendly – even while trying to sell you their wares. 

Can you see the face in the rock? She is staring towards the volcano below which is smoking. 

A lot of jade comes from this country so a good place to buy some and here is a pic of my “truth teller” of the Izapa tribe. 

And the chap above is the best I’ve been able to manage in terms of cute guys. True – he is a bit skinny for my liking and possibly a little older than I am – but beggars can’t be choosers!

All the best for 2017. 

5 thoughts on “Antigua – the old capital of Guatemala. 

  1. Kerrie Harris

    Hi Susie, love hearing about your travels. Happy New year to you and continue to share as lightens my day! Stay well. Best wishes for 2017.


  2. Susan barnes

    Your trip looks amazing. Loving the up dates. Hopefully you have a great new year. It has certainly started great.
    Regards sue



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