Christmas Day on the Panama Canal

Today’s featured pic was my appetizer on Xmas Day – my favourite:)

Certainly a novel way to spend December 25 – traversing the Panama Canal – which takes about ten hours and involves going through three locks which by the magic of engineering lifted our huge Seabourn Odyssey ship 80 feet upwards in one go on the Gatun Lock  and then a few hours later lowered it again across two more locks. View along the way also interesting and as you will see some ships have barely 6 inches between them and the side of the locks. We had a luxurious 3 feet but still often felt the need to breathe in!Ω

1 thought on “Christmas Day on the Panama Canal

  1. Klaudia Klaus

    It seeks 10 hours is the time—–my ship needed 10 hours as well. But you had nice weather I had the first hours rain.It is interesting to watch the technic because my father was working on power crafts at the Danube.



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