Life at Sea

First three days of the cruise have been at sea. Blissfully relaxing – lots to do if you want to or alternatively doing nothing but reading, binge watching TV series – I’m alternating between The White Queen and Borgen season 3. Shows and high quality music each evening and sometimes I’m invited to join other hosted tables so good way to meet people for a couple of hours. 

As you can see they do Xmas very well on board – but thankfully minus any children. Perfect. Haven’t seen even one yet! I am still getting my sea legs so walk around like a permanent drunk person – but at least I’m not alone. No nausea so far – take a table each night and working so far. Reading loads – will publish separate blog on what I’ve read as I go. Another advantage of doing very little is that your nail polish lasts a lot longer than normal – bonus points for that:) 

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